Summer “B”Day trip to Paris, yes please! I recently returned from Paris to celebrate my bestie/love of my life’s birthday @BrittanyTarajha. We had been saying that we wanted to travel to Paris for a while, but simply never got around to it. Once Jay and Bey released the tour dates for OTR2 it kind of became a no brainer because the show was the day after her BDAY so we were like let’s do it! We bought the tickets with the help of my Darling friend (former intern extraordinaire) @Tina_Krz because she is French and French Ticketmaster was sort of a pain :-/ We didn’t even cop plane tickets or anything we just bought the concert tickets and figured everything else would fall into place later and it obviously did. One of those just “live in the moment” moments and anyone who knows me knows how I hate to buy and book anything too far in advance – I need to grow up and embrace commitment. 😇

So, the trip was great all pros… well the one con would be French people are a little on the rude side, but with the help of Christina I learned a few phrases that assisted me along the way *rolls eyes*. The concert was amazing! I’ve saw Jay and Bey a ton of times but obviously seeing them in Paris with my best pal ever was magical and something that we will share for a lifetime. We did the same random Cincinnati pull up to OTR1 also, so seeing this tour again together had a lot of sentimental value. See the show recap here:


We toured around the city seeing Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, etc. We dined at various cafes and even took on a cute little boat tour. Don’t ask me did I see the museums because I’ll get upset. The answer is no and that’s simply because JetLag got the best of us a couple nights… okay almost every night, it’s tough! BeleeME!

Finally to top it off, France wins the World Cup… Like, what else do I need to say. Christina had us meet her at a spot to watch the game and I mean the French people were on 10! I’ve never seen anything like it! I mean I’ve seen Steeler fans get nuts but this was next level (obviously).

All in all, it was very magical to take in Paris and spend time with someone I consider to be family. I lost a loved one right before we left for the trip so the first day or so was actually a little tough. Losing someone puts life into perspective and makes you treasure the moments like celebrating life! It teaches you to be grateful and thankful and to live in the moment and to not take a single moment spent with someone for granted. Britt and I got a good chance to vibe out… to stay up all night talking about life, our goals, and obviously the silly stuff. Those are always some of the best nights. As you get older you realize that every night won’t be spent “turning up”- mostly because your feet hurt and staying in simply trumps going out. You merely take the time to value you the interaction you share and believe me it just makes sense. To capture a bit of our Parisian excursion see the pics and videos below !