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During my Thanksgiving trip home a friend of mine, David Hamm launched a new collection under his brand Hamm Studios entitled Hunting Season. With the help of photographer extraordinaire Tauvea, my 7 year old niece, we captured some flicks in the new knit. Since David slid the hoodie my way, I haven’t taken it off. Amazing quality and WARM WARM! This is NOT your Champion Hoodie Merch/Slap a design on it hoodie. This is the good stuff! Happy to support a pal and its Burgh Pride forever!

Coat and Boots are Dsquared2

Check out 5 facts about the brand and peep the collection here -> HAMM STUDIOS




What’s the inspiration behind the brand?

HammStudios derives from my family surname, Hamm. The inspiration comes from our creative and entrepreneurial way of living. Back in the 80s, 90s and even early 00s we owned a lot in our city and I always admired that and wanted to contribute in my own way. Designing has always been an outlet for me so this is my unique way of contributing to my family name.

Who inspires you?

Not really who but what. I’m inspired by a lot of things from architecture to uniforms worn by everyday Joes. I think growing up in a house full of diva women who were really into music videos, clothes, shoes & accessories helped channel my inner creative as well though – lol

What is Hunting Season ? 

Hunting Season is more of an exhibit showcasing my work… At least that’s what I want people to get from it. The brand is a design experience and I’m determined to do just that, give you an experience. 

The whole Hunting Season theme falls in line with the official start of rifle hunting season & me giving my perspective on hunt wear.

What’s next ?

 There’s two parts of Hunting Season so part 2 is the conclusion of this exhibit, however I have A lot more exhibits to come, along with some trunk shows and temporary shops with stores.

Tell us one thing about you or the brand we don’t know…

Every single garment and accessory is touched by human hands to assure a quality feel and fit. I pride myself on that a lot, I remember starting off when the name was “Daus Haus Hamm” (German for house of Hamm.. Hamm is a german surname) – I was told by a lot of people to worry about the quality later on and worry about putting my brand out. I was always against that because your brand tells a story and it’ll either tell a great one or a shitty one so first impressions are always quintessential to your upcoming.



🇮🇹 Milano 🇮🇹

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Last week I traveled to Milan for our Dsquared2 Fashion Week Presentation. It was the first time traveling to Milan, so I was obviously excited to explore the city and most importantly meet my Italian colleagues in person. (Meeting “TheGirls” was truly the best part ♥️ ). Dsquared2 is headquartered in Milan. Our Public Relations efforts in both the US and Milan would not be possible without an immense amount of teamwork. We rely so heavily on each other to get the job done, so meeting the girls that I speak to every day all day was at the top of my list.

When Michael and I first arrived, we trekked over to the office to meet everyone and say our hellos. Later on that evening we stopped by a GQ Party and then had a nice dinner. I really didn’t sleep much on the trip – and by the next day the jet lag was pretty darn heavy. BUT IT WAS SHOW DAY! The show was a success and got rave reviews from the press. Especially the “Giant Heels” … The next morning I saw it on EVERYONE’S IG Stories… proud  moment. Check it out below. The next day following the show it was back to the office to work a full day on Milan Time (by this point I was delirious), a dinner with the US retail team who also traveled over, and then back to NYC. Before leaving Michael and I took a quick trip to the Duomo, a beautiful Italian Cathedral – If you’ve never heard of it – Google is your friend! The gothic architecture was stunning. I am looking forward to visiting another famous Cathedral in the very near future. 😏

So trip to Milan✔️ I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and happy to add this not only to my career experience  but another notch off the bucket list! Check out the show pics, the Duomo di  Milano, and boomerang below!



While We Were Young

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Well… it was the final weekend for Miss Jayla and I,  so in her words she wanted to go out with a bang! Does this mean that summer is officially over?! I sure hope not! The weather in NYC over the last few days has been extremely reminiscent of fall…Ugh “Summertime Sadness”! We visited Pietro Lolita a few weeks ago and it was on our summer bucket list to visit one more super cute boutique restaurant While  We Were Young, so we did! The cuisine is also made up of healthy contemporary American dishes similar to Pietro’s. However, on this trip we didn’t have dinner. (Please note: the people sitting next to us who ordered the Salmon and the Chicken and Kale waffles… yes, their food looked and smelled delicious!) Instead of dinner, we had drinks and the yummy carrot cake! We didn’t have dinner for two reasons, 1. because we had already ate and 2. because we had the second part of our date at the Apollo to hear Van Jones speak and we were running out of time! (Be on the look out for this post SOON, like very soon!) I had the signature While We Were Young which was a Vodka Vanilla Bean Butterfly Peaflower / Sparkling Wine cutesy purple drink! (Check out the images below!) It was so good that I wanted a second, but because I am now a lightweight, I only sipped on one. One was more than enough because I was driving and I am responsible!😇 It was the right amount of light and sweet… Just how I like it! Jayla got a glass of Rosé because… I am not sure why she got Rosé, I guess that’s just what she wanted…(Boring) 😉. So… on to the dessert. I love carrot cake! It’s like the one sweet I crave every blue moon. The carrot cake at Whole Foods is my personal fav, but I was down to try WWWY’s and it was also pretty yummy. The icing was not heavy and not too sweet, which for me, is a must. I am already not a big sweets person, so not to sound like a broken a record, it was just the right amount of sweet. Overall it was a pleasant experience, the staff was friendly and well aware that everyone who comes through is coming for the pics. The restaurant was deemed “The Stuff of Instagram Dreams”, so the staff obviously knew what was up as everyone was whipping out their celly’s while waiting for their food and drinks 😌! Check out the pics below that I’ve shared from the WWWY site and some of the other pics we took on our outing! Peep Jayla who recreated the Beyoncé  pic (TOO CUTE)!(Oh duh, that’s why she got the Rosé !) I will definitely visit again to try some of the food and take in the IG perfect ambiance. Dress is from Zara ! If you are New Yorker visit, if you a visitor… visit!



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I am not a super sneaker person like I was once, but this was a pick-up that I felt was needed. Pusha T’s Adidas Originals “King Push” EQT dropped on December 3rd. I was able to get “shoe lucky” and cop these on Super comfy, clean, and practical for my everyday move. Thanks Push!



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….. Straight from the ‘GO KANYE!…. No this is not a Kanye West/He’s cool with Trump/He cancelled his tour on us (still low-key upset about my Philly Date)/What’s Up with Kanye rant… What is, is a declaration of I’m simply not feeling the new Yeezy’s Man! This post is to inform you that they simply aren’t anything like the first 350’s and for that I am upset. My boyfriend who is a doll and wanted to support my shoe needs, got me the Yeezy Oreo’s ( I guess that’s what the streets are calling them, IDK). Well it’s safe to say that this is a sneaker that I can’t keep. First, the Pirate Black Yeezy’s that I was given for my BDay, were a 7.5. The pair that I received in the Oreos are a 9. A MEN’S 9! WHY, you might ask? Well the silhouette has been completely changed and they run superrrrr small! Now this brings me to my next point. How are you to know that when you can’t just waltz in the store and try a pair on?! Do people really research that much ahead of a release date to find out what is true to size and what isn’t? It’s not fair to the consumer if you ask me. How many customers are out there ordering their actual size and when they get them in the mail or score on a raffle they simply don’t fit! The shoe game ain’t right! I was lucky enough to try on a few pairs of the grey and orange Yeezy’s to know that I needed a size 9 in order for them to be a comfortable fit, but that’s just me. So I try them on and they are so bulky and made my foot look like a torpedo. The original shoe was way slimmer and more narrow, as the new shoe is just bulky and wide! I tried them on with a skinny jean and that’s when I knew…. the new Yeezy is not for me! (Pun sort of intended, but not really)…. Now that the rant is basically over what I will say is, they are SO COMFORTABLE! Way more comfortable than the originals! However for me, they are still a no. So take this post a lesson. For a shoe you can’t try on, research! This shoe runs entirely small and if you are still wanting to purchase this shoe, go a size up! Period! Its comfy yes, but for someone like me who is small, the shoe just felt and looked way to big for my frame. I’ll stick to my Pirate Blacks and hope to still come up on a pair of reasonably overpriced Oxford Tans….  That’s all it was Kanye, we still love Kanye……..?


In The Spirit of Giving….

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I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was magnificent! Mine was spent with family in my hometown of Clairton (GO BEARS)! I didn’t want my first fashion post to be about… Oh my favorite brands are… my favorite clothes are…. blah, boring…do you even really care about that? LOL – Maybe you do…but anywho… I wanted this first post to be about giving back. Fashion has controlled my life since I was a little girl. My mom was super into clothes and fashion and she paved the way for my love of makeup, clothes, accessories, you name it! (NOT SHIRLEY CAESAR). My mom is a super hoarder of clothes. She has clothes from like the beginning of time and I used to be the same way. Last year when I went through a bad break-up, alllll my clothes were also somehow symbolic of things I needed to let go! I also knew that my plan to move to NYC was also a very real thing. In the spirit of being like, whatever about everything, I simply gave all my clothes away. I loaded up,  let’s say 3-4 big industrial black garbage bag and offed the stuff. At first I was going to sale the stuff, but I was in such a poor mood I just literally gave it all away and started over! My style is super minimalist. Not to many patterns and color ways, I am the basic Queen of the world. I have 80 solid black tees, 80 solid black leggings, 80 solid black long sleeves… and then repeat in white, grey, nudes, etc. BUT ALL BASICS. I also applied this to my going out and casual dresses, jeans, sweaters, etc. My Mommy had the nerve to call me the other day and tell me I needed new clothes because she said I keep wearing the same dress over and over again LOL! – However, 1. I posted an old pic and 2. I have the same dress, in the same color, by very many brands (HATER!). Yes I am the girl that owns 4-6 different tan turtleneck dresses that all look the same.. AND What! It’s who I am. My clothes are my uniform and they are basic and simplistic. Think of me as Michael Kors or Steve Jobs in my black basic turtleneck. Simple, sheek, to the damn point, yet always clean and classy. So yeah.. That’s my style. So back to the giving… I gave a lot of the clothes to friends and even some of my friend’s kids (because I’m skinny duh). They were overjoyed! To get items that still had tags on it.. great brands (I will not name cause I don’t want to sound like I’m stunting), just GOOD STUFF! When I look back now… I’m like dang wheres my denim dress…haha..but no.. It’s just stuff.. it’s just clothes… And I really do just repeat the same pieces or the same concepts over and over anyways! I was happy to do it! So I encourage you to give! There are so many people out there with nothing! I sadly see them daily on the streets of NYC! There are churches, drop bins, Salvation Army, and so many more places that you can go to, to donate! It will be a blessing trust me! If for nothing else, it can make room for your new threads… but trust me you will feel better after doing so. Especially if you can donate directly to someone you know! So there we have it first fashion post done. I intend to turn these into Vlogs because no one reads anymore but to knock the first one out… WaaaLah!