I recently celebrated my “Dirty30” in Cuba with my beloved family and friends. Our trip was full of craziness, but more importantly filled with love. Living in NYC is hard and rather lonely when you are not able to see your true friends and family on the regular, so I truly value the time that we all shared. We stayed in Guanabo, a city about 20 minutes outside of Havana in an AirBnB. The city was dope and what the Cubans considered to be the real beach experience (not uber touristy like Varadero). The community was happy to have us and the food was amazing and dirt cheap! We explored Havana throughout the five days and on the last day we made the trip out to Varadero a beautiful beach about 2 hours away – BUT SO WORTH THE RIDE. We had an amazing host who showed us around the country. By the end of the trip our host and her beau served us more in a friendship capacity than business. Our trip wouldn’t have been as amazing without Lisbet and Alejandro ! We love you and hope you get Visas to visit the US soon! Traveling to Cuba is easy breezy. The restrictions really do not exist. Do not let blogs and friends and even family deter you from visiting this beautiful place! I truly can’t wait to visit again! If you have any in depth questions about exchanging money, where to go, what to do, visas, etc. Please feel free to e-mail me at vkv@velissakatricevaughn.com ! Peep the photos below!