Take my coins, take all of them. I’m broke! Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good concert. No matter the genre, if it’s live I want to go, and I don’t mind going alone. I happily paraded my butt to MSG to see Tyler the Creator “dolo” and it was magical and I’d do it again! The thing about going to concerts alone is, typically you are going to make friends with the people you are sitting next to while you’re vibing out so it’s really not that serious… I for the most part don’t expect my friends to shell out all the dough to see artists that they may not particularly care for, so I only ask once and when I get a formal decline I bust a move on my own.

This year I’ve seen – Tyler, Ty Dolla $ign (randomly Ne-Yo), Migos, Wiz…? I think that’s it which is pretty sad. I said that I would try to see a live show once a month, but hey sh** ain’t cheap! ANDDDDD everyone is going on tour NOW! Like how am I supposed to make all these darn shows….?! Well, where there’s a will there’s a way!


So to start down my Summer/Early Fall Concert Wish List…

Sheck Wes at SOB’s June 30th 

So I was planning on hitting Sheck Wes this weekend but, I accidentally saw him last week at Up & Down so I might sit this one out…. Unless, someone like tryna go…. 👀

Raphael Saadiq Lincoln Center July 25

I mean what do you want me to say, it’s Raphael Saadiq. Apparently Lincoln Center does a little outdoor Summer Series of concerts…. Perfect!

Wiz Khalifa  Burgh July 26

Okays so this show is highly unlikely because I have a damn job, but it’s the summer time… Who knows… It’s Wiz in the 412 and friend peer pressure is a tough thing to combat…🖤💛

Panorama July 27 & 28

So on the 27th its, Jhene Aiko, Daniel Ceaser, Migos, The Weeknd and on the 28th  you have Gucci Mane La Flare and uhm Janet Jackson… So the thing about this festival is it falls on the same weekend as @nettie1015 baby shower and a family party so although sad, I am pretty sure I won’t be attending. (My bank account sings 🙃)

 Wiz Khalifa Coney Island August 2

So as I was saying the odds are a tad slim that I will pull up for the Burgh show although I’d rather go there… Lil Skies and Rae Sremmurd aren’t even at the Coney show …😒 But I’ve never been to Coney Island in the three years that I’ve lived here so I’m sure it will be cute and I can catch Swae and Jxmmi on their leg of another tour that they hopped on… 😎

Playboi Carti Terminal 5 August 12

Lately I’ve had a small obsession with Carti…. Die Lit was such a good album and really made me a real fan. I want to see him live, nuff said.

Drake – Migos Aug 24-28 MSG Aug30-Sept1 Barclays

I mean if you’ve ever gone to see Drake you know he puts on a hell of a show… And Scorpion just dropped today…. Drake is the summer and the Migo’s are the world’s best rap group…fight me…IDK what show I’ll attend but since there is legit 90 shows between MSG and Barclay’s I’ll get myself  out to one…

 Afropunk August 25th

I’ve haven’t been to Afropunk but every summer I’m like damn I should of went. I want to see Miguel perform live again and wouldn’t mind seeing Tyler again too!

Endless Summer Tour Jones Beach August 28

Not at all pressed to go to this, but I do want to see Uzi live. I had tickets to see him last Christmas but I was recovering from the flu and figured a mosh pit probably wasn’t the best place to solidify getting back to 100%. Thank you StubHub.

Ziggy Marley –  Steel Pulse September 7 Pier 17

This is a super special one. My Dad is going to come up and we are going to go. My Pops had me listening to Steel Pulse since I was a baby. We are big Reggae fans and it will be a special treat  for us to share Steel Pulse and Ziggy together! ❤️💛🖤💚

Childish Gambino September 14 & 15 or Philly September 18

Seeing Childish will actually mean the most to me. It’s a long story but it’s symbolic of doing wtf you want!!! AND I can see Rae Sremmurd here because they are on tour with Childish YAY!

Nicki and Future October 7&8 Barclay’s

I mean…. not pressed but hey you never know. Let’s see what these albums hitting fo … I love Nicki and I love Future….Why not…

Anita Baker

Dear Aunty please announce some NYC dates so I can quit stalking you on Twitter !😘

Pusha T Sheck Wes

Push what did NYC do to you that we did not get a date… OG fans would like to know… Then you are bringing Sheck along… a NYC kid… what’s goody? I’ve traveled to see Pusha in the past so I mean… I guess maybe I’d do it again… add Philly or Jersey somethin…? *insert Nick Young Meme*

OTR2 TBA 😉……

What concerts are coming to your city that you are geeked to see?  Again living here in NYC, for me, the possibilities are endless. Everyone comes here and shoot some even twice (or if you’re Drake 10 times)! Too keep track of all the music madness I use the app Bands In Town! I think I mentioned it in a previous concert post. It sends alerts to your phones of your favorite artists. It uses the music in your Apple library to generate the artists you would like to see or similar acts.(Android users don’t ask me IDK!) It has the hyperlinks to purchase the tickets and even lets you sync concerts to your iCal… It’s dope! Great app for concerts lovers… It includes all GENRES! Click on the image below to download the app and thank me later!