Moving to New York City has been such a blessing! I thank God that I am able to live in the best city in the World! BUT…. I always miss home. I obviously miss my family and friends… BUT… I also miss my sports! The Steelers played both the Jets and Giants at home this year, but the Pens always make several trips to the Big Apple to take on Rangers and the Islanders ! I was able to attend both games at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. There is really cool app that I recommend you all download called Gametime. Their mantra is, “Live It, Last Minute”. Textable tickets at last minute prices. Mobilize friends in seconds. I love it because anyone who knows me, knows I hate preplanning trips, concerts, games, etc. too far in advance. This app solves that problem and gives you great prices (typically better than StubHub – but not always). It’s dope, check the app out by putting in your city! Also check out some shots I took at the game.. I’m determined to get this camera thing down! 🙂