This year has been full of ups and downs… and I guess you could say that it’s simply apart of life, but that doesn’t make it any easier! This year, I lost my Aunt Norma Jean, My Aunt Patty (Cousin), and now my precious little Granny. Me and my Granny had such a special and unique friendship. I kept her young and in the know.  Although she was 92, she was as sharp as an ax. She enjoyed talking about makeup, hair, and beauty. She always wanted to see pictures of me dressed up and always wanted to know, “How can you walk in those shoes?!” 😆  She loved the Kardashians, and watched faithfully every Sunday night. She always hoped Khloe and Lamar would get back together, and she also hoped Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey would get back together too!🙃  She would watch the Steelers and loved touchdowns. She was my Granny, she was my friend. She loved iPhones and iPads and even though my Mommy wouldn’t let her get one (which made her terribly upset) that didn’t stop her from Facetiming as much as she could.

Our Granny or Tweetles, as many of our family and friends liked to call her, was the glue of our family. I know when I visit home, I am going to Granny’s. It’s the meet up for the entire family. Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Grandkids (great, and great great times 1000), Family, and Friends, that I will truly miss. I will miss her dancing to Beyonce, and slipping her some wine or champagne during the holiday. I will miss her laugh and the light she was to our entire family. I will miss Snapchatting, and watching reality TV with my girl, but most of all I will just miss your presence and your strength. I somehow thought you would live to be 150, but God called you home to be with your husband and your children, and that’s okay.

My Granny and her posse have been friends for so many years. It was gut wrenching to see them at the viewing with somber tears in their eyes. Seeing their beloved little Mary had gone to Heaven was certainly hard as all of them are in their 90’s! It’s hard for all of us, but we will be strong like you! We will live on for you and your memory will reign on forever through your many many manyyyy descendants. I love you Mary Hazel and you will forever be in my heart! Peep some great memories below!