During my Thanksgiving trip home a friend of mine, David Hamm launched a new collection under his brand Hamm Studios entitled Hunting Season. With the help of photographer extraordinaire Tauvea, my 7 year old niece, we captured some flicks in the new knit. Since David slid the hoodie my way, I haven’t taken it off. Amazing quality and WARM WARM! This is NOT your Champion Hoodie Merch/Slap a design on it hoodie. This is the good stuff! Happy to support a pal and its Burgh Pride forever!

Coat and Boots are Dsquared2

Check out 5 facts about the brand and peep the collection here -> HAMM STUDIOS




What’s the inspiration behind the brand?

HammStudios derives from my family surname, Hamm. The inspiration comes from our creative and entrepreneurial way of living. Back in the 80s, 90s and even early 00s we owned a lot in our city and I always admired that and wanted to contribute in my own way. Designing has always been an outlet for me so this is my unique way of contributing to my family name.

Who inspires you?

Not really who but what. I’m inspired by a lot of things from architecture to uniforms worn by everyday Joes. I think growing up in a house full of diva women who were really into music videos, clothes, shoes & accessories helped channel my inner creative as well though – lol

What is Hunting Season ? 

Hunting Season is more of an exhibit showcasing my work… At least that’s what I want people to get from it. The brand is a design experience and I’m determined to do just that, give you an experience. 

The whole Hunting Season theme falls in line with the official start of rifle hunting season & me giving my perspective on hunt wear.

What’s next ?

 There’s two parts of Hunting Season so part 2 is the conclusion of this exhibit, however I have A lot more exhibits to come, along with some trunk shows and temporary shops with stores.

Tell us one thing about you or the brand we don’t know…

Every single garment and accessory is touched by human hands to assure a quality feel and fit. I pride myself on that a lot, I remember starting off when the name was “Daus Haus Hamm” (German for house of Hamm.. Hamm is a german surname) – I was told by a lot of people to worry about the quality later on and worry about putting my brand out. I was always against that because your brand tells a story and it’ll either tell a great one or a shitty one so first impressions are always quintessential to your upcoming.