I’m Back! For good this time….😏 Ever make a mid-year resolution? (Sort of like a New Year’s Resolution but in June)… I totally didn’t make one in January because honestly I wasn’t on that vibe. The last 6 months have been  a whirlwind for me! I am single now, new place, overall new outlook on life. The only true goal I have for myself right now, at 31, is simply happiness. I can’t say that shit has been sweet, but in this moment I feel great. I have no regrets or complaints. I am only focused on preserving my happiness, remaining focused, and living life. At times I ask God what should I be doing that I am not and for some reason the answer always tends to be this blog. So although I took a much needed break (due to dark times) I see the light and I am ready to move forward in many aspects of my life. Thank you for all the people who’ve been asking for a post, the drought is over.  I want this blog to be more than just cute  stuff,  but I actually want to help people because that’s truly where I get the most meaning out of life; helping others – that’s what Pisces do ! Of course there will still be cute stuff – beauty, fashion, travel, music, and all the other “lifestyle” stuff, but  I also want to make an effort to include topics near and dear to us — and simply see what you guys think? So my mid-year resolution(s) : Get back in to shape (in more ways than one), fix my finances that I blew up due to stress 🙃, and simply just be happy! Ready to live in the moment again! Stop fear, reduce doubt, and WIN! Even though I’ve been absent from the blog world, thanks to all my loyal readers and followers, I’m back ! Check out the pics from Central Park Below!