….. Straight from the ‘GO KANYE!…. No this is not a Kanye West/He’s cool with Trump/He cancelled his tour on us (still low-key upset about my Philly Date)/What’s Up with Kanye rant… What is, is a declaration of I’m simply not feeling the new Yeezy’s Man! This post is to inform you that they simply aren’t anything like the first 350’s and for that I am upset. My boyfriend who is a doll and wanted to support my shoe needs, got me the Yeezy Oreo’s ( I guess that’s what the streets are calling them, IDK). Well it’s safe to say that this is a sneaker that I can’t keep. First, the Pirate Black Yeezy’s that I was given for my BDay, were a 7.5. The pair that I received in the Oreos are a 9. A MEN’S 9! WHY, you might ask? Well the silhouette has been completely changed and they run superrrrr small! Now this brings me to my next point. How are you to know that when you can’t just waltz in the store and try a pair on?! Do people really research that much ahead of a release date to find out what is true to size and what isn’t? It’s not fair to the consumer if you ask me. How many customers are out there ordering their actual size and when they get them in the mail or score on a raffle they simply don’t fit! The shoe game ain’t right! I was lucky enough to try on a few pairs of the grey and orange Yeezy’s to know that I needed a size 9 in order for them to be a comfortable fit, but that’s just me. So I try them on and they are so bulky and made my foot look like a torpedo. The original shoe was way slimmer and more narrow, as the new shoe is just bulky and wide! I tried them on with a skinny jean and that’s when I knew…. the new Yeezy is not for me! (Pun sort of intended, but not really)…. Now that the rant is basically over what I will say is, they are SO COMFORTABLE! Way more comfortable than the originals! However for me, they are still a no. So take this post a lesson. For a shoe you can’t try on, research! This shoe runs entirely small and if you are still wanting to purchase this shoe, go a size up! Period! Its comfy yes, but for someone like me who is small, the shoe just felt and looked way to big for my frame. I’ll stick to my Pirate Blacks and hope to still come up on a pair of reasonably overpriced Oxford Tans….  That’s all it was Kanye, we still love Kanye……..?