I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was magnificent! Mine was spent with family in my hometown of Clairton (GO BEARS)! I didn’t want my first fashion post to be about… Oh my favorite brands are… my favorite clothes are…. blah, boring…do you even really care about that? LOL – Maybe you do…but anywho… I wanted this first post to be about giving back. Fashion has controlled my life since I was a little girl. My mom was super into clothes and fashion and she paved the way for my love of makeup, clothes, accessories, you name it! (NOT SHIRLEY CAESAR). My mom is a super hoarder of clothes. She has clothes from like the beginning of time and I used to be the same way. Last year when I went through a bad break-up, alllll my clothes were also somehow symbolic of things I needed to let go! I also knew that my plan to move to NYC was also a very real thing. In the spirit of being like, whatever about everything, I simply gave all my clothes away. I loaded up,  let’s say 3-4 big industrial black garbage bag and offed the stuff. At first I was going to sale the stuff, but I was in such a poor mood I just literally gave it all away and started over! My style is super minimalist. Not to many patterns and color ways, I am the basic Queen of the world. I have 80 solid black tees, 80 solid black leggings, 80 solid black long sleeves… and then repeat in white, grey, nudes, etc. BUT ALL BASICS. I also applied this to my going out and casual dresses, jeans, sweaters, etc. My Mommy had the nerve to call me the other day and tell me I needed new clothes because she said I keep wearing the same dress over and over again LOL! – However, 1. I posted an old pic and 2. I have the same dress, in the same color, by very many brands (HATER!). Yes I am the girl that owns 4-6 different tan turtleneck dresses that all look the same.. AND What! It’s who I am. My clothes are my uniform and they are basic and simplistic. Think of me as Michael Kors or Steve Jobs in my black basic turtleneck. Simple, sheek, to the damn point, yet always clean and classy. So yeah.. That’s my style. So back to the giving… I gave a lot of the clothes to friends and even some of my friend’s kids (because I’m skinny duh). They were overjoyed! To get items that still had tags on it.. great brands (I will not name cause I don’t want to sound like I’m stunting), just GOOD STUFF! When I look back now… I’m like dang wheres my denim dress…haha..but no.. It’s just stuff.. it’s just clothes… And I really do just repeat the same pieces or the same concepts over and over anyways! I was happy to do it! So I encourage you to give! There are so many people out there with nothing! I sadly see them daily on the streets of NYC! There are churches, drop bins, Salvation Army, and so many more places that you can go to, to donate! It will be a blessing trust me! If for nothing else, it can make room for your new threads… but trust me you will feel better after doing so. Especially if you can donate directly to someone you know! So there we have it first fashion post done. I intend to turn these into Vlogs because no one reads anymore but to knock the first one out… WaaaLah!