So if you read my Solange post… you know how I live for live music! It’s like my thing… Number one thing to do besides eat… and shop…. I think. In the month of November, I got to see some of my all time faves: Jhene Aiko, Fab, and Uncle Shawn! I’ve been wanting to see Jhene for a minute. I saw her perform on Drake’s tour many moons ago, and I knew I was due. I didn’t get a chance to catch her when she was on tour with Wiz, and that was a major regret. I love her music, love, love, her music, love her sound, her messages, and I feel she and I have so many similarities. I feel myself connecting to her music in a pretty deep way. She’s a Pisces, so am I. She’s lost a brother, so have I. She can be a little Emo, SO CAN I (Ty Dolla Voice). I didn’t experiment with as many drugs as she has, and I don’t get high, but that doesn’t change the love 😍 because I love this woman! The show was at Irving Plaza and was an insanely good vibe. Everyone was so chill (for more reasons that one), and the crowd interaction was amazing. At certain points, the crowd was so loud, you couldn’t even hear Jhene! However, no one minded. I would see her again in a heartbeat. So if the Trip Tour comes to a city near you, I would totally recommend.

Next up, was Fab in Pittsburgh at Xtaza. So I don’t really have any great pics because it was last minute, and I was in the balcony(of a club not a concert venue) taking it all in (aka far way). Fab had just dropped Friday on Elm Street with Jada. I think he did a track or two off of there, but I really can’t remember. I’ve seen Fab perform a number of times. I wish the setlist could of been a little different, but I don’t make the rules. My best Fab show was at the House of Blues in Cleveland when I got to watch from backstage… or at Questions, like 100 years ago, in the Strip (BurghLife). But either way, it was still nice to get out and see him at home with family and friends… Salute!

Last but obviously not least, Hov in BK! So this was sort of a tough one. I literally went to Fab, laid down at around 3/330 AM and then hit the road to drive to NYC to see Jay around 830/9AM. So I was tired… like real tired. Shoutout to Tom for holding it down on the drive. We had a great 5.5-6 hour talk and it made the trip fly by. However, by the time Vic Mensa got off the stage, I hit a major wall and a migraine ensued. BUT whatever, Jay Z was coming out soon, so I would get it over it.. at least until the show was over. Bae scooped me up some 4:44 merch, and we waited. He came out pretty fast, so I was happy about that. He came out to Kill Jay Z, which I think is my favorite track on the album, and Barclays went mad. I’ve seen Jay soooo many times, I’ve lost count, but it’s obviously always special to see him in Brooklyn. He killed it. I went home, slept a few hours, and hit the road back to PGH to prepare for my Granny’s fune. I was tired, but the less than 24 hour trip was well worth it, and it closed out my November music fest the right way. I’ve made a vow to see a least one live show a month at thee very minimum. It doesn’t even have to be a big headliner. I love jazz, opera, classical, etc., etc. I live in NYC, so the music opportunities are truly endless. Next up for December is thee Lil Uzi Vert and Playboy Carti… I’m looking forward this because …. well you know why! Peep the footage and images from the November shows below!!!