Where do I really even begin? This book was such an unexpected blessing and gift from above. I decided to purchase Mirtha’s 3rd book as a gift to myself right before my Cuba trip. I knew it would be a great beach read, but didn’t expect it to move me the way it did. I throughly enjoyed her last two books so I was super excited when I learned that she was releasing a third. Her first two books allowed me to face some demons, open my eyes to the past, and most importantly grow. It was comforting to find someone out there in the universe, a stranger, who I felt I could genuinely relate to. These aren’t self help books, but she sincerely helped me in so, so many ways!  She speaks on the pressures and misconceptions of love and heartbreak, and how we as women all go through the same things. Our thoughts, our processes,  how we approach love, relationships, our careers and so much more.  Mirtha’s literature encompasses so many levels of life and love and emotion, in such an alluring approach.  It was our last day on the beach and everyone was sort of spread out all over. Some people were taking lunch, taking naps, and taking Rum😉, so it was the perfect “me” time to go and sit right in the water and read (Pisces love water – duh). The previous day was my 30th, and I won’t lie, I was definitely experiencing some extreme anxiety on 3.5.17. Not to mention it poured down raining and was super dreary the entire day!😞 I opened the book and begin to read… and moments later I was shedding tears. Mirtha’s opening letter entitled “Dear Woman Like Me”, must of truly been written for me! (Or so I would like to think) She mentioned how its important to strengthen the relationship with yourself before you could truly love another. She spoke on how she questioned herself and who she legitimately was as a woman because relationships have the tendency to change us. She talked about how she loves to wear the color black because it is elegant and easy; mysterious and powerful. While reading of her affection for the beloved black, I am like MIRTHA IS MY TWINNNN !😍🖤 She goes on to further talk about accepting ones flaws and that falling in love with yourself first is imperative to true happiness. I so agree! My move to NYC has been nothing but a journey of realizing who I am and learning to just love me. It’s a still a work in progress, but it’s such a more rewarding feeling knowing that you simply love you! As I read this opening passage, waves crashing and getting all worked up in true Emo-Pisces fashion, I then read on to the most touching excerpt,  “I present you Letters, To Women Like Me, a compilation of letters and poems all inspired by when I entered the empowering age of 30 (WOAH! I THOUGHT AS I SAT THERE ON THE BEACH FEELING SUPER 30). An age in which in an old world mentality signified the end  of your life as you know it, but luckily in our present world it means quite the opposite. It means an age in which I finally know myself and I am able to embark on my best life yet.  A life in which I don’t know the ending to, but I choose to live the questions and seek the answers and write them along the way. I pray that my words spark your own questions, which I’m confident will lead you to gorwth. I pray you’ll be empowered by the  answers you find and I have faith that in that process you will earn to be proud of the woman you are today and realize you can take charge and manifest the life you want to live. ” Mirtha, whether you ever see this or not, I just wanted to say thank you. It was only God that allowed me to read that distinct passage on that  chosen day. The next story went on to talk about a friend who faced a break up and felt that all she had to show for it was a Céline bag, LOL, oh how thee can relate to that too😆. Moreover, the letters and poems are real and moving. I recommend all women to read this book and all of her books for that matter. I bought this book for my best friend as a gift because even if you don’t directly relate to every passage, you too have been there for a woman in your life who has encountered these very real occurrences. I wish I could buy a copy for all the women in my life, because to me, it’s simply that good. I wanted share this with all my readers and say that I have honestly taken away so much from all of her work, but this book especially. If you are receptive, they will sincerely help you grow. We are all beings that think, feel, hurt, cry and love. Let’s empower one another to humbly and fearlessly take lives circumstances and allow them to be the blueprint for our happiness, success and growth. In that moment and today, I am looking at 30 in a brand new light! No regrets in my past, and excited to live my best life yet! Thank you Mirtha, thank you!


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