Last week I traveled to Milan for our Dsquared2 Fashion Week Presentation. It was the first time traveling to Milan, so I was obviously excited to explore the city and most importantly meet my Italian colleagues in person. (Meeting “TheGirls” was truly the best part ♥️ ). Dsquared2 is headquartered in Milan. Our Public Relations efforts in both the US and Milan would not be possible without an immense amount of teamwork. We rely so heavily on each other to get the job done, so meeting the girls that I speak to every day all day was at the top of my list.

When Michael and I first arrived, we trekked over to the office to meet everyone and say our hellos. Later on that evening we stopped by a GQ Party and then had a nice dinner. I really didn’t sleep much on the trip – and by the next day the jet lag was pretty darn heavy. BUT IT WAS SHOW DAY! The show was a success and got rave reviews from the press. Especially the “Giant Heels” … The next morning I saw it on EVERYONE’S IG Stories… proud  moment. Check it out below. The next day following the show it was back to the office to work a full day on Milan Time (by this point I was delirious), a dinner with the US retail team who also traveled over, and then back to NYC. Before leaving Michael and I took a quick trip to the Duomo, a beautiful Italian Cathedral – If you’ve never heard of it – Google is your friend! The gothic architecture was stunning. I am looking forward to visiting another famous Cathedral in the very near future. 😏

So trip to Milan✔️ I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and happy to add this not only to my career experience  but another notch off the bucket list! Check out the show pics, the Duomo di  Milano, and boomerang below!