Music is like one of the biggest components of my life. I feel music. The instruments, the beats, the overall feelings that music can generate within. For me it is life changing. I used to teach myself how to play songs on the piano that I would hear on the radio and at church. I played flute so it was easy to convert that over to the piano and play by ear. I wanted to play drums, but my parents weren’t exactly with it… Major regret. I also regret ending my piano lessons, but at the time, I was doing tap, jazz, ballet, Girl Scouts, flute, choir, and basketball. Something had to give and obviously I eventually put hoops first. I intend to share a song and/or music of the week, well weekly. Sometimes it will be old songs, sometimes new, sometimes concerts I attend, whatever. Another lovely thing about NYC is someone is always here performing and I live and breathe live music. EVERYTHING!!!! Anywho, my first submission consists of the amazing Abel Tesfaye and Donald Glover AKA The Weekend and Childish Gambino. These are very good albums you guys! I seriously jammed to Childish all weekend (no pun intended, seriously). The album is called Awaken My Love and it is sooooooo soulful and amazing and I don’t think it’s what we were expecting, yet are so grateful for! I know I am. It’s feel good, dance, rub up, love, and love some more, vibe out to music! DIG IN! My favorite track this week is the opening track “Me and Your Mama”. It’s so powerful, starts off like a beautiful fairytale drifting you away… and then, bam the guitar riffs set in and takes you on this whirlwind of love and emotional craziness, ahhhh I love it! I love that Apple Music now gives you the ability to read the lyrics … Thank you Apple! As far as Starboy, look I’m not going to lie.. It’s a little too Pop for me… I like dark, slow, Emo Abel,  but it’s still a great album! The slower jams do what they need to do for me. I can’t stop listening to “Die For You”.  I’m not going to get all into it… Simply listen and read the lyrics… We can all relate to this track… whether it was a past love or current… It’s just one of those songs! Let me know what you guys think !!! I’m team Apple Music and Team Tidal so I’ve included the links below!


Awaken My Love – TIDAL

Awaken My Love – Apple Music

Starboy – Tidal

Starboy – Apple Music