TBT to Tuesday…. After missing this woman allll summer and playing around, ultimately playing myself, I finally saw Solange at Radio City Music Hall. Lord knows I do much of nothing during the week, because I am an old goat and I like to be in bed by ten at the latest 👵🏾 (granny alert). After missing Solange with Dave Chappelle, at Afropunk, Made In America, and a couple other various performances, I saw she was coming back and it was time to make my good ol’ way to see her. I did a Music of The Week, post, what a billion weeks ago…(more like music of the year, darn infrequent a** posts, and lack of consistency 🙃) but I featured Solange’s A Seat at The Table. This album literally changed my life and was so on time! Perfect is the only word to describe this piece of work. So, what better way to celebrate the one year anniversary of the album, with none other than Solange herself, LIVE! Live music is the one thing in this world that I probably love more than food. It just gives me such a feeling that I can’t really even describe. It’s like your given a chance to get lost in the emotion of the music, the live instruments (former band geek), and the aura of the performer. Obviously you can connect with certain performers more than others… AKA Corinne Bailey Rae gives you a feeling that Future will not, but its still one hell of a time (No shade to Future, I love Future). So Solange, not only connects with you, talks to you, if you’re as soft as me, you even fight back tears, she even comes into the crowd and performs with you!  (See video below!) So yes, it just was a beautiful moment! People dancing their butts off, singing to the top of their lungs, and just living in the moment of it all. Solange spoke about this album stating that for her it was about healing, and touching on subjects that affect all of us in one way or the other. She thanked us for appreciating her artistic vision and being dope and grown as f*** (her words not mine — speaking on the demographics of her listeners if you will), for loving her when she is twerking across the stage, and loving her for her authentic style and unique charisma that is truly the essence of the woman we so very love. She snuck in a few oldies, and even brought out the great great Verdine White from Earth Wind and Fire, my mommy was JEALOUS! Who doesn’t love them some EWF! 🔥🔥🔥 It was an enjoyable night with my girl Dani. I even saw my old roomie and pal Neissa, which was beyond nice! You don’t get to see people in NYC due to boro distance and your realize how much you miss them !♥️ I’m glad I scraped my butt out the bed and got crazy on a Tuesday night. Thanking Solange so much for an amazing project and an epic performance. If she comes to a city near you… seeing her is a must! I cannot WAIT for new music! Check out some of the videos and pics from last night below as well as me, Dani, and Neissa being silly !





Video Courtesy of @jaee0728