I would say the trip to Yankee Stadium was an extension of the Bae’s Birthday’s festivities but he’s  a Pirates fan. I wanted to hit this Friday night game because it was Star Wars Night and the first 16,000 fans were gifted with a Darth Vader Yankees Beanie. So the plan was  to get there super early to ensure we got our hat! However, it didn’t quite work out that way because my cousin Keith was in town and we made some last minute plans to hang out before the game. As we walked into the stadium my boyf said that people were already selling the hats on eBay for $50 a pop in typical NYC reseller fashion. I get so annoyed with New Yorkers when it comes reselling/taxin’. Concert tickets, shoes, FREE DARTH VADER X YANKEE BEANIES… like why?! Anywho, we had some hearty steak sandwiches, fries, Bae had a beer and I had a tallll strawberry daiquiri. It wasn’t bad just way too much to drink and probably played a small role in me feeling so schleepy. The game kind of stunk because I was tired, sitting next to a Mariners fan, I had blisters from walking with Keith earlier in the day, and had even been a little sick the day before. I was kind of over it. Did I mention we also lost… Bummer in the Bronx. I went home and went straight to bed. Check out some of the pics from Stars War Night below and may the force be with you and stuff…….