So the boo and I hate a little date session Thursday night and went out to support our friend  Kurtis and Team Epiphany for their Heineken and +Pool event. +Pool is building a water-filtering, floating swimming pool that cleans the river while you swim. The idea is so super cool and you can certainly check out more info on the YouTube channel below! If you visit their site please sign up and pledge that you will swim in the river! If they get 100,000 pledges Heineken will donate $100,000 dollars! The collaboration is all thanks to Heineken’s “The Cities Project”. Heineken launched these projects in 2015 and are designed to make positive impacts in metro areas throughout the US. They are supporting projects like +Pool and other endeavors around the country that in my opinion are very dope. I find these projects super inspirational especially the +Pool initiative that is right in my back yard. I would love to swim in the river honestly! The YouTube video narrated by Neil Patrick Harris outlines the entire project and even sheds light on what it means to follow through with your ideas and live out your  dreams! That’s why we are here right?! To go after it ! My fit for the evening was my Travis Scott Birds Eye View Tour Merch Tee that I copped at the show in May that Brittany and I attended in the Burgh at Stage AE. People even said hey cool shirt …🔥🔥🔥Check out the images and the YouTube below and don’t forget to pledge!