***Let Me Say FIRST! This Post Was Written In SEPTEMBER ! I still found major reasons why I needed to procrastinate… But the message is still the same! SMH WELCOME!***

I am finally launching my blog because now it finally feels right. Well, sort of. Over the years, yes years… I have made so many excuses in relations to launching this blog. I wanted it to look a certain way, feel a certain way… Do this, do that… YouTube Videos, New Sony Cameras, Lighting, the perfect background, etc, etc, etc… But today on a plane ride back from Toronto, with nothing else to do but sit here…. I decided this would be my first post. First of all let me start off by saying, thank you. Thank you for visiting my page for the first time. Thank you for all of those who have patiently waited for me to launch this blog (I PROMISE TONS OF SKINCARE as this is most requested). I have been promising it for so long that I’m sure those of you who have been waiting are probably like this girl is all talk… And you’re right I have been ALL talk… and no action …. kind of… What some of you know is that the blog has been quote-un-quote ready for some time now just sitting there dormant in cyber la-la-land. However, I let certain things and certain people distract me and derail me from goals if you will. I don’t want this blog to be some stuffy communication piece that isn’t me. I want it to be everything you all wanted it to be and well, more! I want it to be a a review of my previous work, a launching pad for new  ideas, girl-talk, fashion, memes, pop-culture, what’s in, what’s out, opinions, beauty, travel, art, tips and tricks, skincare, music, a a food, and the list goes on and on. All in all I want this first blog post to obviously be a introduction, but I also want it to be a mini-message. One thing that this blog won’t be is corny, fake, or not a true representation of me… I can’t do that, but it will be 100% real…Yet, at times, I am corny. I’ll explain here:  THE SKY IS THE LIMIT ! (Yes, I am looking out my plane window, no really I am). There will always be people doubting you, sneak dissin’ you, smiling’ in your face praying for your demise, lying on you, being fake… WHATEVER, it’s life. These moments or these people don’t define you. You hold the key to your own success and happiness is truly a mindset. You have to simply toughen up sometimes and keep it moving.  If you wait… (in this case years) to do what you want… you’ll look back and have regret. That’s from the heart. I let fear and foolishness hold me back from chasing after certain things and for what?!  Putting off Grad School worried if I was still smart (LOL, but no for real… and then I finished with all A’s …smh). Heck, I’ll admit I was even afraid to launch this site. So worrying about this and that.. I want it to be perfect… blah blah blah BOOEY! Negative thinking is a true waste of time, I am living proof. Mistakes will be made and there will be bumps on the road, again it’s life! All you can do is ask God for forgiveness, forgive yourself, learn and keep on keepin’ on. Time waits for no one, and your history your upbringing, or the things you have went through do not determine your destiny!  On this plane ride back from Toronto after meeting Dean and Dan Caten of Dsquared2, the brand I do Public Relations work for, It made me think of their message that they quite often share. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you had growing up. If you have a dream go after it. I am not saying this blog is my dream, but it’s apart of something I have intended on doing for quite sometime. If you say you’re going to something, JUST DO IT (Nike, thank you)!  Don’t get caught up comparing yourself to others and their timelines… When the time is right, you will know, to just do you boo….Anywhoooo (Kind of corny but not A1 CORNY), I invite you to my website, VelissaKatriceVaughn.com (has a nice ring to it, eh)!  I hope you enjoy it, share it,  comment, and simply take it for what its worth, a little piece of me.