Well… it was the final weekend for Miss Jayla and I,  so in her words she wanted to go out with a bang! Does this mean that summer is officially over?! I sure hope not! The weather in NYC over the last few days has been extremely reminiscent of fall…Ugh “Summertime Sadness”! We visited Pietro Lolita a few weeks ago and it was on our summer bucket list to visit one more super cute boutique restaurant While  We Were Young, so we did! The cuisine is also made up of healthy contemporary American dishes similar to Pietro’s. However, on this trip we didn’t have dinner. (Please note: the people sitting next to us who ordered the Salmon and the Chicken and Kale waffles… yes, their food looked and smelled delicious!) Instead of dinner, we had drinks and the yummy carrot cake! We didn’t have dinner for two reasons, 1. because we had already ate and 2. because we had the second part of our date at the Apollo to hear Van Jones speak and we were running out of time! (Be on the look out for this post SOON, like very soon!) I had the signature While We Were Young which was a Vodka Vanilla Bean Butterfly Peaflower / Sparkling Wine cutesy purple drink! (Check out the images below!) It was so good that I wanted a second, but because I am now a lightweight, I only sipped on one. One was more than enough because I was driving and I am responsible!😇 It was the right amount of light and sweet… Just how I like it! Jayla got a glass of Rosé because… I am not sure why she got Rosé, I guess that’s just what she wanted…(Boring) 😉. So… on to the dessert. I love carrot cake! It’s like the one sweet I crave every blue moon. The carrot cake at Whole Foods is my personal fav, but I was down to try WWWY’s and it was also pretty yummy. The icing was not heavy and not too sweet, which for me, is a must. I am already not a big sweets person, so not to sound like a broken a record, it was just the right amount of sweet. Overall it was a pleasant experience, the staff was friendly and well aware that everyone who comes through is coming for the pics. The restaurant was deemed “The Stuff of Instagram Dreams”, so the staff obviously knew what was up as everyone was whipping out their celly’s while waiting for their food and drinks 😌! Check out the pics below that I’ve shared from the WWWY site and some of the other pics we took on our outing! Peep Jayla who recreated the Beyoncé  pic (TOO CUTE)!(Oh duh, that’s why she got the Rosé !) I will definitely visit again to try some of the food and take in the IG perfect ambiance. Dress is from Zara ! If you are New Yorker visit, if you a visitor… visit!