Being a part of YNGBLKPGH has truly been an honor. For me, being a part of something that connects me back to my community is incredible due to the fact that I am no longer living in the 412.  I think a major key is never, ever forgetting where you came from. After the book was released, I carried it on the subway for a few days. I always have a book or magazine with me that I like to read on the way to work and on the way home. It makes the commute much faster! So, after the book release, the following week’s literature consisted of the words of many Pittsburghers’ just like me and as I flipped the pages, I was loving’ it! Some letters made me laugh, some letters were super enlightening, some letters were abundantly inspiring, while others even brought me to tears. (Yes, I am not afraid to tear up in front of other New Yorkers on the train.) Many times people would stop me and ask what I was reading. I would explain the concept of the book to them and people would have such awesome things to say! (Another sidebar: New Yorkers aren’t as mean as people say they are) They would say things like, “How cool”, “Go Steelers”, and “Are you in the book ?”.  Of course bashfully I would flip to my page and they would say things like, “Wow”, “Can I read yours quickly?”, and of course the obvious, “Oh, that’s you?!”. (Sigh, yes that’s me. I know right now at 9:00 AM I look like death on the way the to work, but a girl can polish up on the weekends right…? *insert shrug*) Any who, so yes the book would open up mini-conversations and make people think even if it was just for a few moments on the train and in those moments I was proud! Proud of Brian Burley for coming up with such an amazing concept and pushing all of his ideas and spawning them in to fruition. (Goals, ideas, and even dreams are nothing without the work behind them!) Proud of ALL of those who took the time to meet Brian’s call to action and to give back to YOU the readers! Finally, proud to say yes I am from Pittsburgh, I am darn proud of where I come from! Never be ashamed of your accomplishments! So if you haven’t had a chance to check out the book, I demand that you do! It’s dope! To get more info and to purchase a copy please click here -> YNGBLKPGH